Injury Bug

For the first time in a year, I have been sidelined. This time, however, it’s been different.

January is when I am the most injury prone. I believe it’s the prior year full of running catching up mixed with a few weeks of destroying my body due to food during the holidays. Then when the tree is put away, I jump right back into running like I would be in October. Then the bug bites.

What makes this go round different is the injury isn’t painful. My right hip flexor is giving me a little discomfort with soreness deep in the lower abs. I can definitely run through, but I decided to rest it. I already gave it a week and a half off. I did three days of running and the issue remained.

Another thing different is I am not freaking out about missing miles. I was planning on another 50 miler in April and that is in serious jeopardy. Maybe its my 2020 mentality of being used to races cancelled even though ultras have done a great job at figuring out how to happen. Or it can be my running wisdom of understanding not to push now to pay later.

Injuries are a bummer, but injuries are a way to get your mind and body recharged. I miss the pavement, layers of winter running attire, and putting in the work to prep for a race. The day will come when I can lace up with no worries of pain. I’ll take it easy for now.


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